FOX News and Egypt

I’ve been watching and listening to FOX News and their commentators coverage of the historic events in Egypt. I listened to Glenn Beck on my way to work Friday. He said President Obama was giving a call to all community organizers around the world to rise up against their governments. Essentially, calling for a world-wide protest. More Sharia Law, caliphate fear-mongering from Glenn Beck.

It’s interesting to watch FOX News and listen to how they blame President Obama for all the problems in the world. They are against anything he is for and for anything he is against. It does not matter if he is right or wrong. They believe he is wrong on everything.

President Obama is on the side of the Egyptian people and FOX says he is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group they call a terrorist organization. Since the people on FOX News tend to label all Muslims as terrorists they don’t need intelligence officials to tell them if any certain Muslim group is a terrorist organization or not. FOX News believes Muslim is just a code word for terrorist.

So, is President Obama “palling around with terrorists” again? Well, the Muslim Brotherhood is not on the State Department’s Terrorist Watch List. The U.S. Intel Director (whom I would presume has more information than FOX News) has not labeled them a terrorist organization. I’m sure there are some in the Muslim Brotherhood that are bad, just as I’m sure there are some that are in the Christian Brotherhood that are bad, too. Hey, if the majority of people in Egypt want to vote in the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, let them. It is their country and we should not tell them how to run their country any more than they should tell us how to run ours.

In their rush to criticize President Obama’s support for the Egyptian people, they fail to mention they are supporting a dictator.

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