Gays in the Military

The past hearings concerning allowing gays to serve openly in the military was being debated by a bunch of weak, homophobic men. Why don’t we adopt a policy to discharge people in the military that are weak, homophobic and discriminate against other Americans, especially their fellow troops. Now, I have a few questions about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Since when does the United States military tell our civilian leadership what it will and will not do? We do not live in a stratocracy, junta or caudillo. Did the military want to racially integrate troops during WWII? No, and there was far more resistance to racial integration of the military than to allow gays to serve openly in the military.

Are soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines trained in combat? Did the gays pass the same combat training as the straights? Can the gays pull the trigger or push a button to kill the enemy? If the gays can kill the enemy as well as any of the straights then let’s move to the next set of questions.

Are our troops the best fighting force on the face of this Earth? Are they fearless brave men and women? Can they handle any mission they are told to accomplish? If so, then please don’t tell me they are afraid of serving with gay folks.

It sounds absurd to me that our big, bold, tough, fearless, courageous, brave military is scared of homosexuals. Should the terrorists just start recruiting gay people to scare our troops off the battlefield. Or should our troops be more concerned with someone shooting straight than if they are straight?

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