Few trust the government, poll finds – latimes.com

Few trust the government, poll finds – latimes.com

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I wonder what has changed since 2008 besides Barack Obama being elected president and a steady stream of talking heads telling people the government is bad and people in Washington DC are evil?

Seems like it was not too long ago that the same people shouting how the government can not be trusted were trusting the government to do whatever it wanted. I guess it could be argued that since 72% of Americans are not in one political party that both parties do not trust one another.

What do these people distrust about the government? Is it the police, the military, school teachers, FBI, CIA, Treasury, Transportation, FDA, FDIC, NASA? If they just do not trust the law makers, then what do they expect them to do? Lock them up without a warrant and no trial?

I am always amazed how they take these polls that a certain percentage of Americans believe this or that but I am never asked my opinion. I am American! So, I will share it now. There are certain people in government that I trust more others. There are certain governmental agencies (from local to the feds) that I believe tend to abuse their power more than others.

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