The Indiana R.A.N.G.E.R. Scholarship Fund

Circle City News is fundraising for the Indiana R.A.N.G.E.R Scholarship. The scholarship is for students attending Ivy Tech-Central Indiana. The scholarship is for $250.00; so if 25 people donate $10.00 then that is enough to pay for one scholarship.

Your donation is tax deductible and the donation should be made out to the Ivy Tech RANGER Scholarship.

Please mail checks to:
Ivy Tech Foundation-Central Indiana
50 W. Fall Creek Parkway, N. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

You may visit their website to donate online by clicking here. Then, click on Make a Gift. Please make sure to click on Indianapolis for the campus and use gift for RANGER Scholarship. Also, the web address is

A direct and secure link to the donation form can be found here. Please make sure to click on Indianapolis for the campus and use gift for RANGER Scholarship. The web address is

Please click here for a link to the scholarship. The web address is

Your help is much appreciated.

The Indiana RANGER Scholarship Fund

Read all you can
Apply what you have read
Never give up
Give to others
Earn respect
Reap the benefits of all that you have earned

Mark Nicholson (Sponsor) and Finis Tatum IV (Co-Sponsor)

The RANGER scholarship has been established to encourage students to think and write about the importance of diversity.

1. Eligibility
Enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana at least 6 credit hours per semester

2. Application Process
Scholarship application handled thorough Next Gen software. Specific information can be found by visiting:

3. Award

4. Criteria for Candidates:
• Demonstrate financial need;
• Preference is given to students from urban areas who have overcome economic hardships. Target Marion County students to receive award;
• First generation college student (parents and grandparents did not graduate from college);
• Record of service and involvement in civic, church, and/or school activities, and;
• Applicants must list one (1) book that influenced their life and write how the book affected them.

About Circle City News

The opinions expressed are intended to encourage debate, alternative viewpoints and a deeper understanding of events.
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