Should the 9/11 Terrorist Be Tried in New York City?

I do not understand why all these talking heads (TV news anchors, commentators, talk shows hosts, etc.) are complaining about the suspected Gitmo terrorists being tried in New York City. Some of the reasons I have heard is that it will put people in New York at risk, it mocks our justice system, the civilian courts are not prepared to handle terrorists and that it will be another “OJ Simpson” trial. I am sure there are other concerns but my response should address those concerns too.

First, I fail to see how trying them in New York puts New Yorkers or America at risk. Does anyone actually believe that if they are tried in Gitmo that all the terrorists will no longer want to attack New York or America? It does not matter where they are tried, the terrorists want to attack New York and anywhere else significant in the United States. Second, I doubt there is anyone in New York that is not familiar with the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) towers. If you think the good citizens of a New York jury are going to let these “suspected” terrorist go free…well, I think you are clearly mistaken. The comments about it being another “OJ” trial must be from people that did not like the verdict. It is interesting to note people mention the “OJ” trial as an example of the justice system failing but neglect to mention the hundreds of proven examples of our justice system sending innocent people to prison for decades or even to death. In other words, the likelihood of an innocent person being found guilty is much greater than a guilty person being found innocent. Furthermore, why do people think the military can handle this type of trial better than the government? They are both the federal government. It just so happens that the government has a lot more experience trying high-profile cases than the military. How soon people forget that the 1993 WTC terrorist bombers were tried and convicted in New York.

The bottom line is, these men will be tried, convicted, sentenced to death and executed like that piece of trash Timothy McVeigh. I am not sure what more these complainers want.

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