Generally in our society we do not allow children to vote, drink alcohol, join the military, sign contracts, have sex, drive, etc. The research has proven that children are not fully developed yet. In other words, they are not adults. However, if they commit a certain crime then we do allow them to be sent to prison for life without parole. It is difficult to understand why that should be found constitutional, unless revenge and retribution is the goal. In the two cases the High Court heard today, no deaths were involved. One was a rape case and the other was a robbery case. It is not that these are trivial offenses because they are not. On the other hand, if this is a Christian nation (as some claim) then where is the forgiveness, transformation, rehabilitation or finally growing up?

The Supreme Court appeared split Monday along familiar ideological lines over whether the Constitution forbids locking up forever juveniles whose crimes fall short of homicide. Click here for the entire article.


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