Smoking Ban in the Circle City?

This is being debated again? Now, I am not a smoker and I believe in the science that shows smoking is hazardous to your health. However, I just find it a waste of money and time to keep debating this issue. If people do not want to be around smoke then do not visit the places where they allow smoking…seems simple to me. I know some people will say what about the workers that have to put up with the second hand smoke? Well, it kind of comes with the job (I am referring to bars and clubs). If drinking offends me then I should not apply at place where they serve alcohol. I would venture to say that more people have died (or at least committed crimes, e.g., DWI) because of alcohol than smoking.

A proposal to ban smoking in most Indianapolis workplaces will return to the City-County Council for a vote later this month. Click here for the entire article.

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