Despite the headlines, this is really a sad story for all those involved.  Many thoughts and prayers are going up and out for both people and their families.

Richard Essex/Eyewitness News/WTHR Channel 13

Indianapolis – The connection between two men involved in a Carmel assault Saturday dates back more than 20 years.

According to Carmel Police, State Representative Ed DeLaney, also an attorney, met Indianapolis lawyer Augustus Mendenhall on Catherine Drive in Carmel to look over some property. At some point, Mendenhall allegedly pulled a gun on the legislator, then began beating him.

A former co-worker of DeLaney’s sensed something was wrong and called police, who arrived in the middle of the attack and arrested Mendenhall after a foot chase. He is now accused of attempted murder, robbery and criminal confinement.

It turns out, the two families’ paths may have crossed years earlier when a building owned by the suspect’s father, Burke Mendenhall, near Lafayette Square was seized in 1983 by Marion County Prosecutor Steve Goldsmith.

Burke Mendenhall had rented a portion of the building to an adult bookstore. The owners of the store were accused of violating several state and federal laws, which cost Mendenhall access to his building.

At the time, DeLaney’s wife, Ann, was working as a deputy prosecutor for Goldsmith. Burke Mendenhall sued Goldsmith for violations of his constitutional rights, but the dispute was settled in Goldsmith’s favor.

Ed DeLaney was last listed in fair condition, but the hospital is no longer allowed to give updates.

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