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The Indiana R.A.N.G.E.R. Scholarship Fund

Circle City News is fundraising for the Indiana R.A.N.G.E.R Scholarship. The scholarship is for students attending Ivy Tech-Central Indiana. The scholarship is for $250.00; so if 25 people donate $10.00 then that is enough to pay for one scholarship. Your donation is tax deductible and the donation should be made out to the Ivy Tech […]

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Sarah Palin Going Rogue

I love a diversity of opinions but I prefer opinions that don’t encourage hate-mongering. Ms. Palin’s several campaign speeches were nothing more than hate-mongering. My evidence, her saying or implying that Obama doesn’t like America, he is not a real American, he pals around with terrorists, death panels, etc. During at least one of her […]

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Should the 9/11 Terrorist Be Tried in New York City?

I do not understand why all these talking heads (TV news anchors, commentators, talk shows hosts, etc.) are complaining about the suspected Gitmo terrorists being tried in New York City. Some of the reasons I have heard is that it will put people in New York at risk, it mocks our justice system, the civilian […]

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Supreme Court to Decide if Life Sentences for Juveniles is Constitutional

Generally in our society we do not allow children to vote, drink alcohol, join the military, sign contracts, have sex, drive, etc. The research has proven that children are not fully developed yet. In other words, they are not adults. However, if they commit a certain crime then we do allow them to be sent […]

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